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 I'm Kayla Fyfe, an up-and-coming film editor based in the lively city of Los Angeles. I'm thrilled to be pursuing a career in post-production and can't wait to see where it takes me.


My fascination with film began at a young age when I would eagerly ask my parents to take me to the movies to watch the latest releases. I became captivated by the behind-the-scenes footage, eager to understand the intricacies of crafting these fictional worlds. By 2015, I had fallen in love with editing.


I've had the incredible opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, spanning multiple genres from historical dramas to music videos. Each venture has allowed me to refine my skills and explore different storytelling techniques.


I thrive in working closely with directors, cinematographers, and other members of the production team. In my Master's program at American University, I wrote, directed, and shot multiple projects. This experience provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the entire filmmaking process leading up to the editing suite. Consequently, it has made me a more effective editor and a better advocate for my needs.


As I continue to build my portfolio and expand my horizons, I'm incredibly excited to take on new projects and work with fellow filmmakers who share my passion for storytelling.


I invite you to explore my body of work and reach out to me with any inquiries or opportunities for collaboration.

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